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Become A Better Long Distance Cyclist

Become A Better Long Distance Cyclist

  1. Make sure the bicycle fits properly, meaning size and setup. If need be, go to an experienced bike shop for your purchase, or have the shop look over your bike including your fit.

  2. Start out gradually and work your way up on distance.

  3. Get used to bringing nutrition and liquid the further you go. If you can not bring the required amount with you due to the distance, then plan on making stops and purchasing what extras you need.

  4. And yes, as Derek Hodges points out, a good saddle is a must. But even that is something you have to get used to, see point number two.

  5. Depending how many hours/days you plan on being out on the road, you might have to bring some various clothing layers to account for the weather. So figure out how you want to do that. Panniers, backpack, jersey pockets, etc…

  6. Have a set of tools a mini pump or Co2 pump spare Co2 cartridge and spare tubes with you, and know how to take care of basic mechanical issues.


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