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Top safety tips for every cyclist

Top safety tips for every cyclist

  • Invest in a good quality, and well-fitting bike. If your bike is uncomfortable to ride and poor quality, then you won't want to ride it. A nice bike makes a huge difference. You don't need to spend a lot of money if you get a quality used bike. The cheapest bike you can buy is simply not worth fixing because it's just a poor quality bike.

  • Always obey traffic rules and ride defensively. You will never win against a car, and especially not against a truck. Don't rely on "right of way" rules, always establish eye contact with the driver if you are about to make a turn and wait if you're not sure.

  • Take the full lane when you feel unsafe. Never ride close to a line of parked cars. Drivers almost never check before flinging their doors open. You could be paralyzed if knocked off your bike by a car door. Always take the full lane when you intend to make a left/right turn, otherwise you may in the driver's blind spot, or they may simply not be paying attention.

  • Use hand signals before you turn. Signal when you slow down if cyclists are behind you. Communicating to drivers and cyclists behind you is key.

  • Always wear a helmet, and use lights at night. Brain injury is never fun and often permanent. Have you ever seen a cyclist at night who doesn't use lights? You can barely see them until you're about to run over them. I bet there's a whole lot more that you simply couldn't see in the dark. Finally wear high visabilty clothing, it is a big bug bear of other road users that if cyclists and pedestrians don't wear high visibility clothing at night, they cannot be seen.


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