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Small CO2 pump from Velo-Tool, easily fits into your back pocket and has your back when you need to inflate your tires during the ride.

CO2 Bike Pumps

We have best pocket-size solutions to keep the right pressure in your tyres during bike rides here! 
Here you'll find our high-quality CO2 pumps and CO2 canisters to keep you going anywhere and anytime you need it!


16 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges, the perfect addition to your CO2 bicycle pump. Perfect way to get the right pressure into your bicycle tires within seconds. Pure Pressurized CO2 Our cartridges contain 100% pure pressurized CO2...


Velo-Tool CO2 Bike Tire Inflator Kit with Hardshell Essentials Carry Case, Tire Lever set and 2x 16 gram C02 Cartridges your ultimate companion for all your cycling adventures! When you're out on the road and in...


Velo-Tool: Your Ultimate Cycling Companion Our high-pressure pump will fully inflate your tire in a matter of seconds, making it an indispensable tool for every cyclist. Meticulously crafted with the highest precision tolerances and features...


VELO-TOOL CO2 Inflator, the ultimate companion for conquering your trainings and adventures on your bike. Made from CNC formed aluminum and available in sleek black and red, this CO2 inflator is designed to provide you...


VELO-TOOL CO2 Pump Head is made from CNC Formed Aluminium. It comes in two colours: Silver and Red. Our CO2 Bike Pump is the best solution for quick and painless infation of your bicycle tires on...


Get pumped with Velo Tool! Our CO2 Bike Inflator is like the final piece that you've been waiting for on your quest to conquer seamless riding! You know those moments when you just can't get...

Tubeless Tire Essential Repair Kit Bundle
  • SALE -16%

    VELO-TOOL Essential Repair Kit Bundle helps you to securely hold the pump in place, has separate compartments to keep your repair tools, tire repair strips, and Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant organized and easily accessible....


      VELO-TOOL™ Unique Essentials Case Description   Introducing the VELO-TOOL™ Unique Essentials Case, the perfect companion to your Velo-Tool CO2 Inflator pump. This premium-quality, hardshell, and waterproof EVA case is designed specifically with cyclists in mind, providing you with...


    VELO-TOOL Co2 Mini Bicycle Pump, the ultimate portable solution for inflating your MTB or road bike tires on the go. This pump is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, making it an essential accessory for...


    VELO-TOOL CO2 Inflator Head is made from CNC Formed Aluminium. It comes in two colours: Black and Red.   You know those moments when you just can't get enough air in your tire? Our CO2 bike...

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