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VELO-TOOL bicycle tools

Bicycle Tools

In our offer you will find a high-quality tools at reasonable price.
All our products are tested by our team and our brand ambassadors in the most demanding riding conditions and competition rush. 

Large Essentials Carry Case
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    VELO-TOOL™ Large Essentials Cycling Case: Premium, Waterproof Hard Shell for Superior Protection & Functionality, Custom designed for all your cycling essentials. This is not just an ordinary case; it is a high-quality, in-house designed accessory...


      VELO-TOOL Mini 1/4 Drive Ratchet Set is a must-have tool kit for cyclists who value efficient and convenient maintenance. Specifically designed for cycling applications, this ratchet set, equipped with hex head and Torx head bits,...


    Velo-Tool: Your Ultimate Cycling Companion Our high-pressure pump will fully inflate your tire in a matter of seconds, making it an indispensable tool for every cyclist. Meticulously crafted with the highest precision tolerances and features...


    VELO-TOOL Tire Lever Set is a versatile tool designed to make tire removal quick and easy. Constructed from durable plastic with a user-friendly design, these levers are suitable for tight-fitting tires. The set includes two levers,...


    VELO-TOOL Quick Release Chain Keeper / Dummy Hub bicycle component made to protect your bike and ensure smooth gear shifting during transportation or maintenance. This versatile tool offers a range of benefits to keep your chain, frame, and derailleur...


    VELO-TOOL Mini Quick Link Pliers with Chain Hook is an essential tool for any cyclist or bike enthusiast. Let me tell you why this tool is a must-have for anyone who loves to ride. Convenience...


    VELO-TOOL Pedal Spanner is an essential tool for any cycling enthusiast or professional mechanic. Here are some key points to consider when thinking about making a purchase: Quality Construction Our pedal spanner is constructed with high-quality materials,...


    The Velotool rear cassette removal tool Kit The rear cassette removal tool with chain whip and 2x lockring removal tools is an essential kit for any cyclist or bike mechanic. Let me highlight the key features...


    Bike Rotor Truing Fork Wrench Alignment Tool, the must-have tool for all cycling enthusiasts. This high-quality stainless steel wrench is designed to ensure precise and effortless adjustment of your bike's disc brakes. Let me tell...


    VELO-TOOL Tubeless Tire Repair Tool is an essential companion for any cyclist who wants to be prepared for unexpected punctures while riding. Here are several reasons why you should consider investing in this innovative tool: Versatile...


    Presta Core Valve Bundle, a must-have accessory for any cyclist using Presta valves. This bundle includes all the essential components you need to maintain and replace your Presta valve cores, ensuring optimal performance and convenience....

    Essentials Carry Case Bundle
    • SALE -20%

      VELO-TOOL Large Essentials Case Bundle, the ultimate companion for your cycling adventures. This comprehensive bundle has everything you need to kickstart your rides while keeping your gear protected.  Premium Essentials Carry Case This large essentials...

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