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Chain Repair

Chain Repair

VELO-TOOL Chain Repair Tools are made to help you clean, maintain and change your chain fast, easy and efficiently!

Chain Splitter Tool

VELO-TOOL's chain splitter tool is an indispensable instrument for removing and installing chain pins with precision. Built with durable materials and engineered for optimal leverage, this tool makes the often daunting task of breaking a chain a straightforward and efficient process. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or addressing a chain-related issue on the road, Velotool's chain splitter tool ensures that you can handle chain repairs with confidence.

Chain Wear Tool

VELO-TOOL's chain wear tool is designed to accurately measure the elongation and wear of bicycle chains. By providing cyclists with a reliable means of assessing chain wear, this tool helps prevent premature drivetrain wear and ensures that chains are replaced at the appropriate time. With Velotool's chain wear tool, you can maintain optimal performance and longevity for your bike's drivetrain components.

Quick Link Pliers

VELO-TOOL's quick link pliers are tailored for effortless installation and removal of quick links, offering cyclists a convenient solution for managing chain connections. These pliers feature precision jaws and ergonomic handles, streamlining the process of handling quick links without the need for traditional tools. Velotool's quick link pliers are a valuable addition to any cyclist's toolkit, simplifying the maintenance and repair of chain links.


VELO-TOOL Mini Quick Link Pliers with Chain Hook is an essential tool for any cyclist or bike enthusiast. Let me tell you why this tool is a must-have for anyone who loves to ride. Convenience...

Essentials Carry Case Bundle
  • SALE -20%

    VELO-TOOL Large Essentials Case Bundle, the ultimate companion for your cycling adventures. This comprehensive bundle has everything you need to kickstart your rides while keeping your gear protected.  Premium Essentials Carry Case This large essentials...


    VELO-TOOL Workshop Quick Link Pliers are an indispensable tool for any serious cyclist or bike mechanic. Here's why you should consider adding these pliers to your toolkit: Efficiency These workshop-grade pliers are designed to make...


    VELO-TOOL Chain Wear Tool is an essential accessory for any cyclist who wants to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of their bike's drivetrain. Let me tell you why you should consider investing in this tool:...


    VELO-TOOL Chain Splitter with chain hook is an essential accessory for any cyclist who wants to maintain their bike's chain with ease and precision.  Durable Construction Made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term reliability. This...


    VELO-TOOL Mini 1/4 Drive Ratchet Kit Bundle VELO-TOOL Mini 1/4 Drive Ratchet Set is a must-have tool kit for cyclists who value efficient and convenient maintenance. Specifically designed for cycling applications, this ratchet set, equipped with...

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